Regardless if you end up booking with Silver Press Entertainment here are just a few questions that you should ask anyone who you would have DJ your wedding.

How dependable is your equipment?

We provide the latest in high fidelity sound and equipment to every event.  At Silver Press Entertainment we have two of every last piece of equipment needed to DJ your event.  So, a back up equipment constantly at the ready.

Will you send a sub-contractor to DJ my event?

Tim Raymond, DJ and owner will perform at your event personally giving you the attention to detail your and your guests deserve.

What guarantees do you provide?

If you are not stratified for good reason with any part of our service we will provide %100 of your money back.

How many years of paid experience do you have?

The DJ and owner of Tim Raymond Silver Press Entertainment has 10 years experience DJing weddings.  He is the only DJ working at Silver Press Entertainment and is well seasoned.

Do you perform more than one event in a day?

Silver Press Entertainment's policy it to only perform one event per 24 hour period.  This ensures that your DJ is on time and able to DJ the night away.